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Service tenet :
Carrying out custom synthesis according to customer requirements
All our orders are qualified in 100%. If there is any problem, we do not charge any fee.
Pengo Technology has a group of professional and excellent chemical technical person. Our research people are doctors or masters with years' experience. And we can provide high-speed custom synthesis service based on practical experience, including research, development and production.
Pengo Technology is engaged in the research and development of organic phosphine compound, organic phosphine precious metal compound, organic boronic acid compound, oled material and medical intermediate. Meanwhile, we undertake custom synthesis.
Service scope:
(1) functional material and mecical intermediate
(2) cosmetics material and health care products material
(3) special reagent, such as, additive and catalyst
(4) synthesis slicing and compounds synthesis
(5) product synthesis
(6) technical study
Custom Synthesis Advantages :
1. Professional service: Technical leading, rich experience, customized production, low cost, time saving
2. Compound Custom Synthesis Data: Compound synthetic record, HPLC,GC, MS, NMR
3. Privary and patent: Pengo Technology pays highly attention on integrity. We sign confidentiality agreement with each customer and staff to keep secret of our data, synthesis design, analysis and service.